Winter 2012 Conference Highlights

• Catch the spirit that you own your own business
• You’re a learning machine
• When the ‘belief window’ changes…you’ll grow.
• Hut 1, Hut 2 – Power Player!
• Dig into the materials so you know them.
• Would YOU like you if you met you?
• The system is good enough to lead 1000’s if people.
“Inspiration” over instruction.
• Talk about the tools…
• Elevator talk for Leadership/LIFE
• Deathbed reminisces…
• Instruction + Discovery = Learning
• State of mind. vs. State of spine
• Statue of Liberty was just a girl
• Gameplan for 10:4 (PowerPlayer)
• Listen to your mentor
7 Day urgency plan
• Believing the end of the story
“. . .but, your neighbor’s got an opinion?¿?”
• Belief–>Behavior–>Results–>Long Term needs
•Start Team-Approach in 6 legs
• Without a system, complete with mentors & modeling, we fall back on our own “wisdom” (which may be terrific OR a crap-shoot). So…get SYSTEM!

About gabulmer

Christian apologist, husband, father, runner, blogger, leader with LIFE Leadership.
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