TEAM Legionnaire

LIFE Leadership builds leaders…

Leadership is about influencing positive change.
That change means making the difference that we wish to make in the life of an individual, an organization or a nation.

We don’t teach leadership. We create environments, circumstances and experiences where people discover and develop their leadership abilities.

We accomplish this via:

  • Curriculum– CD’s, DVD’s selected Books & Webinars
  • Workshops– Individual Counseling, Monthly Seminars & National Conventions
  • Mentoring– One-on-One mentoring/coaching of principled leadership tools & skill sets
  • The Mental Fitness Challenge – a self assessment series of tests designed to determine both a baseline of your present skills/abilities and a process for achieving your stated goals.
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Turning a company around, revolutionizing a market, influencing significant social change or leading one’s family all begins with the individual leader: that individual’s ability to look at one’s self, determine how they first need to change, and effectively implement that change.

All of us will, some day, be called upon to lead. The question we must ask ourselves is this: “Will we be ready when that time comes?”


“Your people shall be volunteers In the day of Your power.”

About gabulmer

Christian apologist, husband, father, runner, blogger, leader with LIFE Leadership.
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2 Responses to TEAM Legionnaire

  1. billpatt says:

    Works like “The One Minute Manager” don’t teach leadership. Most management fads sweeping the business world are just that, management fads. There’s no leadership in them. We fill that void, by encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and LEAD.

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