Mindset Maintenance

by Randy Gage

Last post we looked at how you keep your mindset of success by continuing to challenge yourself.  Let’s look at some other ways…

Number one on the list for me:  daily self-development time.  I start off each day with prayer, exercise, and studying something positive.  Mostly I read, but sometimes it’s audio or video.

I don’t answer the door, I don’t answer the phone, I don’t leave the house – until my consciousness is at a high level.  When you set your consciousness high, you attract people and circumstances that are also vibrating at a high level.

Another big one on the list:  who is around you.  Jim Rohn used to say your income would be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  That’s true for all areas of prosperity like health, relationships and happiness.

Before you let someone in your inner circle, you better make sure they hold a higher vision and have your best interests at heart.  And if they don’t, you may have to limit your access to them.  And if they’re really toxic, you may have to get away from them completely.  (For more on this, see the video here.)

And the third thing is vision.  You need to have a clear, compelling vision that pulls you toward it.  If you’re in a bad state right now, that might just be monetary for you.  You may simply want to get out of debt, or have a little security.  Once those needs are met, your vision usually transforms into something with more meaning and significance.  Find the right vision and your mindset won’t be an issue.

So what about you?  How do you relate to these three things?  What other suggestions do you have for keeping your mindset where you want it?


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Christian apologist, husband, father, runner, blogger, leader with LIFE Leadership.
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