Expect to Win!

Re-blogged from Randy.Gage.com

…Let’s look at another perspective – the expectations you create for yourself.

How important are they?

Huge.  Because when you start a project expecting to fail, you almost always do.  And people who start a project expecting to succeed usually do.

Why is that?

Who cares?  Naturally I have a lot of theories about why that is.  But does it really matter?  The reality is, that this is the case.

So how do you expect to win?

A good start is beginning with small victories.  Start projects you know you can achieve.  Then stretch a little and get some more victories, build your confidence.  Then stretch further and repeat the process.

Borrow belief.  We all have people who believe in us more than we do ourselves.  Find those people in your life and borrow some of their belief.

And stop back by this blog.  Because I believe in possibilities, potential and greatness.  So that means I believe in you!


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Christian apologist, husband, father, runner, blogger, leader with LIFE Leadership.
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