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Choosing to Change

Choosing to Change by Randy Gage So how do you deal with negative people?  A difficult boss.  Or a bad economy. You change you.  Because all those other things aren’t really about you.  They only have power over you if … Continue reading

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TEAM Legionnaire

LIFE Leadership builds leaders… Leadership is about influencing positive change. That change means making the difference that we wish to make in the life of an individual, an organization or a nation. We don’t teach leadership. We create environments, circumstances … Continue reading

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“This is why being the initiator is valuable: Most people shy away from the challenge, They’ve been too abused, they’re too fearful, they hold back, they’re happy to let someone else take the heat. Initiative is scarce. Hence…valuable!” —Seth Godin, … Continue reading

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How do they know you’re not a flake?

by Seth Godin Before your link gets clicked or your proposal gets read, a busy person is going to triage it to find out if it’s even worth glancing at. Since everyone is now connected, the new permeability has created … Continue reading

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Another great blog from Leadership Freak!

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The Dog Strikes Back!

5 Lessons A True Leader Can Take Away From The VW Super Bowl Ad Reposted from Chris Brady’s Leadership blog. I am excited to introduce the following article contributed exclusively to readers of this blog by Jason Monaghan from the … Continue reading

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WIN from Within!

Win from Within! (Gatorade commercial)

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