Habitual Thinking

by Randy Gage | Original post

If I had a dime for every business speaker who gives the get out of the box/we do it that way because we’ve always done it that way/cut the ends off of the ham speech – I could buy Trump Tower.  Unfortunately most of those speakers have fallen prey to the very thing they’re preaching against.

Habitual thinking.

And nothing does more to keep you down, hold you back and prevent your prosperity than getting mired in a stale thought pattern.  It’s the ultimate limiting belief, because it precludes most possibility thinking.

You don’t want to do things that “everyone else” does, because “everyone else” is broke.  And probably unhealthy.  And probably unhappy.  They think exactly like their parents thought, who thought exactly like their parents thought, and this cycle has go on sometimes for decades.  So this is not the model you want to follow.

Prosperity is often the byproduct of innovation.  And innovation requires critical thinking, lateral thinking and creativity.  So what do you do to nurture yours?

Do you always eat the same thing at the same place, take the same way to work and hang out with the same people?  When’s the last time you really questioned your core foundational beliefs about money, relationships, religion, or government?

Do you solve Sudoku puzzles, word games, brainteasers, and other things to stimulate your mental capacity?  Do you watch programs of people who have opposite political viewpoints than you?   Is your inner circle all people who agree with you, or does it reflect diversity of opinion?

The ability to avoid habitual thinking and actually use a larger percentage of the computing power you have at your disposal makes a huge difference in your success and prosperity.

So how you doing on that?


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