Emotional Posture – A Great State In Which To Live

by Bob Burg | Original

Emotional “posture” is that great “state” where, while you might prefer a certain result, you are not “emotionally attached” to it. You care…but not that much. Sure, you’d prefer your desired result to take place and — if it does — that’s terrific! However, your personal happiness, joy and peace of mind is in no way dependent upon it.

What’s awesome is that — when this is the case — not only are you less bothered when you don’t get what you want…the chances are better that you will get what you want. No, not due to some far out, mystical or magical reasons, but for very practical reasons.

Without the “attachment” you are able to focus more clearly on your goal without the distraction of fear getting in the way (attachment is always accompanied by fear). Others, seeing your calm and confident manner, are more attracted to you and to your desired outcome, as well.

This takes practice. Saying, “don’t be attached, don’t be attached, don’t be attached” doesn’t do it. What does is constant, consistent and thoughtful practice. It’s an understanding that all that happens is for the good. It’s understanding that, if for some reason, a desire is not fulfilled, then it wasn’t supposed to be. And, most likely because something even better is on the way.

Important: Please don’t misinterpret this to mean that you should be lackadaisical in your efforts or not give your best because, “if it’s supposed to be — it will just happen.” Uh-uh, that’s magical thinking. You do your very best, with all the effort you can muster. Then, regardless of the result, you have peace. Either because your desire was realized or, even if it wasn’t, you know you did your very best. And, something even better is coming.

How are you doing in the “emotional posture” department? Have you found a good way to help develop this state of mind that I might have


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  1. bobburg says:

    Thank you so much for your very kind repost!

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