Compelled to Serve

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Your people shall be volunteers In the day of Your power.
Psalms 110:3


Your troops will be willing
on your day of battle.
Arrayed in holy splendor,
Your people will freely join you, resplendent in holy armor
on the great day of your conquest, The Message
Your people will offer themselves willingly
on the day you lead your forces
on the holy mountains. Revised Standard Version

One mark of revival, during which God comes to His people in power, is that God’s people are compelled to offer their lives for His service. Many churches lack people who are willing to get involved in carrying out God’s redemptive work. The mission fields are crying out for Christians to go and share the gospel with those who’ve never heard it. What we need is not more pleas for volunteers, but an outpouring of the power of God. When God comes among His people in power, there is never a shortage of volunteers or resources for His work!

When Christians today are asked what aspects of the Christian life are most important to them, missions is not usually ranked as a priority. This is because we have lost track of why God called us in the first place. We were not saved from our sin simply so that we would qualify for heaven. God delivered us so we would have a relationship with Him through which He could carry out His mission to redeem a lost world.

ServeOnly the power of God can free us from our natural self-centeredness and reorient us toward the mission of God. There is no need to pray that God would come in power. That is the only way He ever comes. We need hearts that are so responsive to Him that He will choose to demonstrate His power through us. Is your heart so filled with love for God that you are watching for the first opportunity to say with Isaiah,

“Here am I. Send me!”?


About gabulmer

Christian apologist, husband, father, runner, blogger, leader with LIFE Leadership.
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3 Responses to Compelled to Serve

  1. gabulmer says:

    A new mission field has opened up in light of the fierce attacks upon #freedom & #liberty by the current presidential administration. Those attacks, coupled with a subtle brainwashing of the electorate has resulted in confusion over founding values,the American work ethic and our governments role as regards these values and ethics.

    Re-education of our founding values, rooted in Judeo/Christian morals & ethics, becomes that mission…within our own backyard. The fight for a revived & vibrant culture based upon hard work, sweat equity & self-sufficiency is on. It begins with the Mental Fitness Challenge and proceeds from there. . .

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