Top Quotes from the 2013 Global Leadership Summit


What’s more important, the first $500 you get paid, or the email from your boss asking about your sick dad?
– Patrick Lencioni

Growing up, we were po’. We couldn’t even afford the other letters. I was being sponsored by a family in Haiti.
– Michael Jr. Comedian

Encourage people in something that they don’t see in themselves.
– Liz Wiseman

As a leader see people for who they’re becoming. Not who they were.
– Bob Goff

Making Christian shows or movies doesn’t give you permission to make it crappy.
– Mark Burnett

Box 1: Manage the present. Box 2: Selectively forget the past. Box 3: Create the future.
– Vijay Govindarajan

Blame is the simple discharging of pain and discomfort. It has no value whatsoever.
– Brene Brown

We are so desperate for belonging that we build enemies based on the fact that we disagree about the same thing.
– Brene Brown

To be alone in ministry is to waste an opportunity to mentor a young leader.
– Oscar Muriu

The people who thrive create a list of things they can absolutely do & forget about the things out of their control.
– Dr. Henry Cloud
(This quote came out as my most retweeted of the week with 40 retweets)

If you’re not dead, you’re not done.
– Gary Schwammlein

If a guy can predict his death and his resurrection and then pulls it off, I am with him, no matter what.
– Andy Stanley


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