Are You Willing to Make People Uncomfortable?

 WC_GLS Summit

WCAblog on 2/12/2013 11:13:02 AM | By Jenni Catron, Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville

Great movements occur when a leader gets discontent enough to make others uncomfortable.

We’ve seen them throughout history….

Joan of Arc – George Washington – Abraham Lincoln – Mahatma Gandhi –
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. –  Mother Teresa – Winston Churchill

We’ve also seen them in our communities… church planters, community leaders, founders of non-profit organizations, moms who fight for health, education and safety.

Great leaders are comfortable making others uncomfortable for a vision of a greater good.   They understand that keeping others happy perpetuates the status quo.  And they’re willing to risk being liked for being extraordinary.

  • Where are you settling for status quo?
  • What movement has God inspired you to lead?

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