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On Owning It

by Seth Godin If you announce what you want, if you are clear about what’s on offer, if you set goals… the chances of accomplishing your goal go up, and so does… the chance that you will be disappointed For … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship => IMPACT

By Seth Godin Entrepreneurship => Impact Innovation is something else entirely. Many entrepreneurs use an innovation to make an impact, but the hard part, the part that we’re rewarded for, is engaging with the user, the audience, the market. Bringing … Continue reading

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Does Anger Follow the Laws of Thermodynamics?

Posted by Seth Godin on October 24, 2013 I have no idea what caused the guy in front of me in traffic to be having a bad day. Maybe he has a stressful meeting coming up, or his butler burned … Continue reading

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3 Trends Redefining the Information Age

“Life is fired at us point–blank.” –Jose Ortega y Gasset With the perceptions of an accelerated life-stream, losing the information game & a yearning for faith-life integration, TEAM’LIFE Leadership is perfectly positioned in the sweet-spot of personal development, life-coaching & … Continue reading

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E I E I O – Public Speaking by Old MacDonald

  By Chris Brady I sat in my little metal folding chair absolutely petrified. My hands were sweaty, my posture slumped, and I couldn’t hear a word the presenter was saying. All my faculties were consumed with the fear of … Continue reading

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Unconventional Interview Questions that Every Entrepreneur Should Ask

Dharmesh Shah, LinkedIn Oct. 19, 2013 This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. Copyright 2013. Where potential employees are concerned, obviously skills are important. Yet we’ve all seen fabulously talented individuals become a team that was far less than the sum … Continue reading

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The Story You Tell Yourself

  Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 15, 2013 Here is a short video clip from a talk I gave recently on the power of the story you tell yourself. Man, I wish I could help people see how important … Continue reading

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Time Doesn’t Exist Until We Invent It

Interesting blog today by Seth Godin on which I plan to write more…when I, uhm. . .get the time. by Seth Godin The transcontinental railroads led to the invention of time zones. For the first time, everyone needed to be … Continue reading

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Trilateral Leadership Ledger

Character > Task > Relationship How do you rate yourself within these 3 critical building blocks of leadership? © Copyright TEAM/LIFE ®

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Courage to be the Bullseye

Posted on October 4th, 2013 Religious Freedom | By: Brett Harvey Wars turn on single battles in key places that shift momentum, alter public perception, or redefine the nature of the entire conflict. Civil War buffs know that the fortunes … Continue reading

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