Leadership is Taking Responsibility


Posted on Sep 10, 2013 | | By Greg Richardson

I have worked with people who apparently would like to be coated with a nonstick surface. They hope that everything will slide off easily, leaving no stains or residue.

They tend to see leadership as obstacles waiting to happen to them. They do not want to be blamed for any imperfections.

The leaders who inspire me take responsibility.

Their focus is on learning the lessons that experience has to teach us, not on avoiding blame.

They are good listeners. They listen to themselves and to the people around them. They make decisions by gathering wisdom they can apply in new situations. They trust their ability to hear new truths as they continue to lead.

The leaders who inspire me teach me by their example. When we do not meet the goals we have set, when we do not work together as well as we could, they take responsibility for their leadership.

Even more, the leaders who inspire me take responsibility for results they did not create. I have worked with leaders who set a clear course of action, then accepted responsibility when others have headed off in different directions

The leaders who inspire me understand that responsibility is not blame.

They recognize that no one person, including themselves, always has all the right answers. They appreciate that their responsibilities as a leader include bringing out the best in each person around them in new ways each day.

They realize that responsibility is not about who did what wrong. They know the deep truth that being responsible creates the ability to respond. They have taught me that as long as we are able to respond, there is room for our leadership to grow.

What lessons will you learn from your experiences today?

How will you take responsibility for your own leadership today?

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