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Hillsdale’s List of Top Ten Books You’ve Got to Read

Originally posted on apologetics workshop:
Alumnus David Graber, ’14, nominated the College via Facebook to list our picks for the top ten most influential books, so we asked professors from around campus for recommendations. The hardest part of creating this list was narrowing…

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Symptoms & Diseases

by Seth Godin A fever is a symptom. There’s an underlying disease that causes it. Giving you a fever (sitting in a sauna) doesn’t make you sick, and getting rid of the fever (in a cold bath, for example) doesn’t … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Build a Loyal Team and Become a Better Leader

September 23, 2014 By Eric Geiger  Today’s blog is from my friend and colleague Todd Adkins. Todd serves as our Director of Leadership at LifeWay. We first served together in student ministry, more than a decade ago in Cincinnati, Ohio. … Continue reading

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Finding the Right People

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How Do You Communicate With Your Prospects?

For the sake of argument let’s just say you are the world’s greatest sales professional. Your company feels you can add a great deal of value in expanding the organizations market share outside the USA.  You are asked to transfer … Continue reading

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