Hillsdale’s List of Top Ten Books You’ve Got to Read

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Alumnus David Graber, ’14, nominated the College via Facebook to list our picks for the top ten most influential books, so we asked professors from around campus for recommendations. The hardest part of creating this list was narrowing it down to just ten books! Without further ado, here is Hillsdale’s list of ten most influential books, and why you’ve got to read them.

Aristotle's Ethics1. Aristotle’s Ethics
“The Nichomachean Ethics offers a theory of the moral life which is richer and corresponds better to human experience than the competing modern theories such as utilitarianism, particularly associated with John Stewart Mill, deontology, which is primarily associated with Emmanuel Kant, and emotivism, associated with Friedrich Nietzsche.”

– Dr. Nathan Schlueter, Professor of Philosophy

Plato's Republic2. Plato’s Republic
“The Republic is one of the greatest books ever written on subjects of how to live one’s life and whether there is a standard of reason in nature. It is a fundamental…

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