The LIFE on Life Initiative

“If you do not have a spot in your life where you are giving selflessly with no possibility of a return, you are living a hollow existence.” -Chris Brady

Chris BradyThere are countless stories coming in of Life Leadership Members participating in events that represent the new LIFE on Life Initiative. It has been heart-warming and humbling to dig deep into each of these reports. All across social media and various communication networks, snippets are being featured about the charities, causes and people that are being supported by the selfless men and women who are serving in their communities.

At Life Leadership’s 2015 Summer Leadership Convention, CEO and Creative Director, Chris Brady, organized and shared an entire talk that explained exactly what the LIFE on Life Initiative is all about. The announcement of “magnet-bombing” for charity went viral around the country–and even across borders–as people pair two key parts of our motto together: Having Fun and Making a Difference! Business teams all over have elected to coordinate many of their promotional events around community service outreaches. Corporately, even the Life Leadership employees are getting involved by serving alongside a literacy initiative.

“With our huge community spread out across all of our different markets, we can make a real difference in the lives of people who need help functioning in society.” –Chris Brady

Check out this awesome video by Chris Brady to learn more:

If you have already participated in, organized or are planning to partake in a LIFE on Life Initiative, please send us your stories! We would love to feature them on this blog. In order to produce a story, we will need:

  1. Information – Where did you serve? What did you do? How many people participated? 
  2. Quotes from Life Leadership participants and/or the leadership of the organization where you served – What was your favorite part, and what kind of impact did participating in the event make on you? 
  3. Pictures – …of your team…of those being helped…with banners (preferably)…of you SERVING! :) 

Once you’ve gathered everything and the event is over, you can e-mail us at:


We look forward to hearing about and sharing your LIFE on Life stories on this blog, as Life Leadership continues to impact millions of lives all over the globe!

“The only things that really matter in the end are what you did in the lives of others.” -Chris Brady

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