Grit Isn’t Enough . . .

A Leadership Model Based on Service and Love:
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Holly Culhane, CEO of PAS Associates, and founder of a newly formed leadership organization called Presence Point, serves as a volunteer Promotional Strategist for the Global Leadership Summit in Bakersfield, California. As a business leader in her community, she personally sees the Summit as a great opportunity for her to recalibrate and work on her leadership growth and development. “Because of the Summit, I’m more self-aware of the areas on which I need to work, and have an excellent basis to use as a foundation for my own growth and development,” said Holly.

“The Summit supports me in that area. Grit isn’t enough — I have to LOVE those I strive to serve.”

Holly is a different kind of business leader, utilizing her faith in her everyday work to serve Grither staff and her customers. “It’s not my business, it’s God’s. I’m just managing it,” she explains. “Integrity and honesty are imperative in my work. I want to do more to provide and protect our team and clients, and be present for them. I want to be available to them and engaged. I want to truly love and care for each member of our team as individuals – I didn’t do this well for a very longtime. I also want to serve rather than seek to be served (another tough one).”

Ultimately, Holly sees her work as an opportunity to minister and promote Jesus, and the Summit helps her stay motivated and focused on her vision. “We pray with clients, we put them on our prayer list, and we play Christian music as our hold music. We incorporate workshops like ‘Lead Like Jesus’ and we use Summit video clips at most staff meetings. We also attend the Summit as a team every year.”

Holly has a passion for leadership, and the Summit has become a key event in her year, not only to help her team thrive, but also as a way to invite leaders in her community to experience great leadership development content, and draw them closer to their own calling. Holly’s ultimate dream is, “that everyone would have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and that leaders would live into their calling as a shepherd leader to those they serve.”

Great job, Holly! At LIFE Leadership, we call that “Cookies & Cream” (love & respect).
Trust needs to be earned…but love & respect are given freely to all.

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