The Bannister Method

Excellent strategy – @ LIFE Leadership, we label it ‘P.D.C.A‘ (Plan, Do, Check & Adjust)

by Seth Godin

Roger Bannister did something that many people had said was impossible.

He ran a mile in four minutes.

The thing is, he didn’t accomplish this by running a mile as fast as he could. Bannister

He did it by setting out to run a mile in four minutes.

Bannister analyzed the run, stride by stride. He knew how long each split needed to be. He had colleagues work in a relay, pacing him on each and every section of the mile.

He did something impossible, but he did it by creating a series of possible steps.

It’s easy to get hung up on, “as possible.” As fast, as big, as much, as cheap, as small…

The Bannister Method is to obsess about “enough” instead.

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