Digital Now, Transformation Later

We’ve recently made a strategic move to digital promotion (via audio & video). The delta (in terms of change in execution) is still lagging as the desire not to embrace the relatively new medium slowly recedes from the status quo.

I saw this article in Adweek & was semi-comforted to know that we’re not the only ones…

“For brands, digital transformation usually centers on optimizing the customer experience.”

by Dan Tynan, Adweek (excerpt) | February 25, 2018

When it comes to digital transformation, most brands have the digital side down. They’re using Adobe or Salesforce marketing cloud, Sprout or Sprinklr for social engagement, RedPoint Global or Segment to manage customer data, and so on. Hyper Speed

It’s the transformation that’s the hard part. Because it’s not just about having the right tools, it’s about having the right kind of organization, operating model, talent and mindset, says Jason Heller, partner and global lead for digital marketing operations and technology at McKinsey & Co.

“Most companies are technology rich but insight and execution poor,” he says. “They have the technology, they just aren’t using it properly.”

Full Article

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