The Financial Matrix

The Financial Matrix, like the fictitious Matrix in the film, is a system of governmental money control designed to keep people in bondage to debt (control the flow of capital & you control the masses & a culture of borrowing).

This eight minute video peels back a few layers of the onion and, more importantly, offers real-time solutions.

The Financial Matrix 2


The Financial Matrix

Red or Blue

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LLR Corporate Subscription overview

LLR Corporate Development

The LLR Corporate Development Program (overview)

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Renewing Your Mind

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We Need a Filter

November 26, 2018 | by Tyler Quillet

Growing up, I was known to not have much of a filter over my mouth. If it came to mind, it typically came out. Didn’t matter if it was inappropriate, offensive, or hurtful, I typically let it fly. I thought I was funny. I assumed it would just make people laugh. Quite frankly, I didn’t care what I said, who I said it to, or who it might hurt. My words wreaked a lot of havoc over the years, unbeknownst to me at the time.46C2D228-585A-44FC-B4C7-3C3E0439B037

Now, for as much as I have matured and for as much as the Holy Spirit has done in my life, I still struggle with my tongue. I know I’m not alone in this. Proverbs 18:21a in the CSB says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” That’s every one of our tongues. We each carry the power to speak life and speak death. How have you chosen to speak recently?

It’s easy to deceive ourselves into believing the lie that as long as we aren’t outwardly mocking someone, using 4-letter words, or screaming publicly at our children, then we’re doing ok with our tongues. But what about the other day when my wife bought the wrong things at the grocery store and I picked on her incessantly about it? What about when my 7-year-old tried getting my attention while I was entranced by the football game and I not so graciously told him to go play in his room? What about when I spoke poorly of someone to someone else, leaving them to look at this person in a lesser light? What about when I muttered things under my breath that nobody heard, but they certainly weren’t words of life?

Yeah, that was me this week. Easy to tell myself that my tongue did ok, but it didn’t. It wasn’t honoring Christ. I need help in this, and I’d venture to guess you do as well! When David writes in Psalm 141, he’s asking God to be his mouth’s filter in verse 3.

Lord, set up a guard for my mouth; keep watch at the door of my lips. (CSB)

I love what the NLT says and how direct the petition is:

Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips. (NLT)

What a great prayer to pray, on a regular basis! Picture with me, for a moment, a water filter. It catches the junk—the impurities and anything else that might make that water unclean. This prayer is asking the Lord to be that filter for you. You’re acknowledging that your heart is ugly and you don’t want that stuff to come out. He’s the only one that can filter that out, and He will, if you ask Him! Ask the Lord to be your filter when it’s easy for you to speak those things that are not life-giving.

When anger is stewing in my heart: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When someone who thinks differently than you has you flustered: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When your boss has asked too much of you or has treated you wrongly: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When you and your spouse have a disagreement: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When your child needs to be disciplined: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When you’re hanging out with the guys and the conversation isn’t life-giving: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When you disagree with someone on Facebook: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When someone has wounded me: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

When you are sitting at your kid’s ballgame and the ref makes a terrible call: “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.”

Keep praying that prayer. What will begin to come out of your mouth will be life-giving. As the Holy Spirit changes your heart to become more like His, you’ll see the overflow of your heart—your words—will be life-giving. Ask Him to be your filter. You need it. I need it. He’ll be faithful to give you what you need in that moment!

Tyler Quillet is the Discipleship Strategist for the Custom Bible Study team at LifeWay Christian Resources. He lives in the Nashville, TN area with his incredible wife, Cathie and two boys, Cylas and Bowen. Tyler spent 15 years as a pastor in Ohio before moving to the Nashville area and is passionate about serving churches and pouring into church leaders in a variety of ways.

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Where’s the Edge?

By Seth Godin

The world is not flat.

The easiest way to demonstrate that is with a simple question, one that challenges unexamined belief with the need to understand how things work. If it’s flat, there’s an edge. Where is it?

Once we understand how things work, we have a chance to interact with them. Not with memorization or rote or politics, but with practical effort.

First, though, we need to understand the mechanism.

If you want to take a hot shower, it pays to turn the hot tap on all the way until the water gets hot, then adjust the cold to end up with something comfortable.

That’s because the water that’s supposed to be hot, the water that’s stuck in the wall between the shower and the hot water heater, is cold. Once you flush out that leftover cold water, you’ll see the hot water arrive.

You don’t have to be a plumber to understand the system, you simply have to be curious. And willing to test to see what works.

The sun rises every morning. That doesn’t happen because the sun moves. It happens because the sun mostly stays still and the Earth rotates on its axis. No need for human sacrifice or much in the way of hope to see the sun rise again tomorrow. This used to be so controversial that it was seen as a matter of life and death. But once you understand the system, you can see that it is without controversy.

Too often, we take the lazy way out and teach our kids to memorize the status quo instead of challenging them to understand how the world works.

Too often, when the world around us changes, it’s convenient to stop looking for the edge, to blame the outcomes and fail to do the work to understand the system. We take the system for granted in every element of our lives, from our work to our morning shower.


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The Status Quo says . . .

Don’t expect to be popular if you choose to rise above the status quo.

[Ref. Shammah – 2 Samuel 23:12]

#MakeItCount | #JustDoIt | #TLYAW

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Disruptive Violations

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The Postmodern Umpire

apologetics workshop

from Ravi Zacharias’ Facebook page:

Walter Truett Anderson humorously gives us an insight into our postmodern culture in his book, “Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be,” comparing our predicament by presenting an analogy from baseball.

A pre-modern baseball umpire would have said something like this, “There’s balls, and there’s strikes and I call ‘em as they are.”

The modernist one would have said, “There’s balls and there’s strikes, and I call ‘em as I see ‘em.”

And the postmodernist umpire would have said, “They ain’t nothing until I call ‘em.”

In brief, all reality is subject dependent and the postmodernist frames reality by naming aspects at his or her whim.


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Pandering . . .

. . . is NEVER a good strategy!


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