The Financial Matrix

The Financial Matrix, like the fictitious Matrix in the film, is a system of governmental money control designed to keep people in bondage to debt (control the flow of capital & you control the masses & a culture of borrowing).

This seven minute video peels back a few layers of the onion and, more importantly, offers real-time solutions.

The Financial Matrix 2


The Financial Matrix

Red or Blue

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LLR Corporate Subscription overview

LLR Corporate Development

The LLR Corporate Development Program (overview)

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Disruptive Violations

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The Postmodern Umpire

apologetics workshop

from Ravi Zacharias’ Facebook page:

Walter Truett Anderson humorously gives us an insight into our postmodern culture in his book, “Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be,” comparing our predicament by presenting an analogy from baseball.

A pre-modern baseball umpire would have said something like this, “There’s balls, and there’s strikes and I call ‘em as they are.”

The modernist one would have said, “There’s balls and there’s strikes, and I call ‘em as I see ‘em.”

And the postmodernist umpire would have said, “They ain’t nothing until I call ‘em.”

In brief, all reality is subject dependent and the postmodernist frames reality by naming aspects at his or her whim.


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Pandering . . .

. . . is NEVER a good strategy!


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[AR] Actual Reality (new tech!)

Absolutely amazing!

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GLS 2018 Highlight/Recap

More info on this, here.

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Is truth, truth?

Twisted, pretzel logic, alternative facts & opinion reported as “news”. . .  Pilate_What is Truth

. . . there is, apparently, nothing new under the sun . . .

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
~Winston Churchill



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